All About Monroe’s Nationwide Ship-Thru Program

May 26, 2022

Years ago we began participating in OEM Ship Thru programs so that fleet managers and businesses across the country could invest in Monroe Truck Equipment’s custom and specialized upfitted work trucks. We serve customers from California to New York and everywhere in between–our Ship Thru Program ensures their trucks will be safely delivered without extra effort or travel on their end.

What is Ship-Thru?

When customers in the west, east or south purchase a truck or fleet of trucks from one of trusted dealerships, they are still able to utilize our Midwestern upfitting facilities.  Ship Thru allows us to take the stress out of the upfitting process for our customers. After customers choose their chassis and upfit options we work with the OEM to coordinate delivery to our facilities for upfitting services and delivery right back to that original dealership. This means customers don’t have to worry about how they will bring their new fleet back to their own community–  it’s a straightforward purchasing experience, even if your truck is coming from across the country. 

How Do We Bring Your Truck To You?

The ship thru process is simple.

First, our customers work with one of our certified dealerships across the country to specify the type of chassis they want. Customers work with the dealers to discuss a number of upfit options (some options do not meet the dimensional requirements of the ship-thru program) they want for their work truck or trucks. 

The dealer then puts in an order with GM, Ford or RAM with a specific Monroe Truck Equipment Ship Thru code to order a chassis. The OEM then delivers the cab chassis to our team. Our team of experts completes the upfit according to the customers specifications. 

Once the truck or fleet of trucks is completed, the vehicle is shipped via OEM transport to the dealership where the customer can coordinate a local pickup. 


Monroe Ship Thru Infographic

Putting Our Customers First

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we’re always thinking about ways to make our customer’s lives easier and their purchasing process more streamlined. Our Ship Thru process is only one method we use to support our customers and their businesses. To learn more about Monroe Truck Equipment visit our website at