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Monroe Helps Your Business Succeed

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we don’t just sell you a truck, we help your commercial business succeed. Leveraging the expertise of our sales and marketing team, we’ll help you drive market demand and increase inventory turnover.

Monroe’s nationwide presence and strong network of OEMs have given us deep industry insight into market trends to share with our partners. This insight allows our team of experts to act as your industry consultant and provide you with the knowledge, training, and guidance needed to sell with ease and confidence.

If you’re ready to take the next step in elevating your dealership’s success, Monroe’s Commercial Partnership Program is here to help.

The Right Work Truck For Every Commercial Job

Monroe Truck Equipment has the right commercial truck equipment for the job, no matter the application.

We put ourselves in the driver’s seat to deeply understand your challenges and provide a solution specific to your needs. Whether that’s a dump  body or heavy-duty hauler, finding the right option is never an issue. With one of the nation’s largest vehicle pools and nationwide ship-thru, Monroe Truck Equipment has you covered.

Commercial Truck Insights

  • Truck Features Designed For Driver Comfort

    Your truck is your home away from home, a place where you spend an incredible amount of time getting to and from your work site, store your materials and decompress after a long day. While there are several ways to build versatility and efficiency into your truck, what about the driver experience? At Monroe Truck Equipment, we support our customers by using and designing features that ensure long term comfort. Check out a few of these products and features below:

  • Flint Team Develops Newest Addition To Bell Landscaping Fleet

    Our Flint team was proud to work on a new truck for our long time customer, Bell Landscaping. We have been working with the Bell team, specifically Bell owner Chad Bell, for several years. We worked on an 11’ Stainless Steel fold down side dump body with strobes. This is just one of many trucks Flint builds to meet their fleet requirements for the company's scope of work. 

  • Kernersville’s Build For Modern Chevrolet

    Our Kernersville, NC team members were proud to complete a recent build for Modern Chevrolet in Winston-Salem, NC. This was a special project. Modern Chevrolet needed the truck for the upcoming South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo, and the schedule was tight.  The South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo (SAFRE), was created by the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association (NCSFA) as an expansion of their annual conference and business meeting back in 2009. Since then, SAFRE has grown into one of the largest and most popular regional fire-rescue service conferences, conventions and expos. This year was the 135th annual convention, and took place in Raleigh, NC. The build for Modern Chevrolet was a total team effort. The timing was a challenge but the Modern Chevrolet and the Monroe Truck Equipment teams rose to the occasion. The team was able to get a red Chevrolet 5500 and install a CM 9.5’ Aluminum SK Deluxe and a custom C-Tech tool box in the deluxe model’s tall front cabinet. This turned out to be a great addition, and our team anticipates that more first responders will request builds like this. We cannot thank the team enough for all their efforts on this quick build! From the sales team believing we could do it; to purchasing getting everything in on time; to scheduling working it into the already hectic schedule; to our shop doing what they do day in and day out - building top quality trucks!  

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