Snow and Ice Management Trends to Increase Productivity and Support Your Team

Jun 30, 2023

As winter approaches, snow plowers and snow management professionals gear up for another season of battling the elements. Effective snow and ice management strategies evolve season to season, incorporating new trends and technologies that help you and your team provide efficient and reliable services. The snow and ice experts at Monroe Truck Equipment are sharing their management trends and techniques below to help workers across the country keep their communities safe and their businesses thriving. 

Use of Liquid Anti-Icers

Liquid anti-icers have gained popularity in recent years due to their effectiveness and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional granular salt. More and more plowers are using liquid deicers, such as brine solutions, to prevent snow and ice accumulation before a storm hits. Anti-icing prevents ice from bonding to the ground because a protective layer of liquid solution is applied before the storm even begins. This trend not only increases efficiency but also reduces the overall amount of material required, resulting in cost savings and minimized environmental damage.

Pre-storm Planning and Communication

Proactive planning and effective communication with clients are important parts of successful snow and ice management services. Snow plowers that invest time and effort into pre-storm planning, which could include understanding site-specific requirements, marking potential obstacles, and developing detailed action plans, can get a leg up on the competition. Clear communication before, during, and after snow events makes sure all expectations are met and any potential issues are addressed ahead of time, building stronger relationships with your clients that could lead to more work in the future. 

Update Routes For Maximum Efficiency

Advancements in technology can help transform your snow and ice management business. Companies can use cutting-edge tools and software to enhance efficiency and streamline plow routes. Industry software can help identify the most economical routes for snow removal, that can help get the job done faster and easier. Turn-by-turn navigation systems, like GPS, help keep the operator on track, especially if removal is being done during a storm or during times of low-visibility. This tech can create a smoother experience for operators, and even help newcomers feel safe and prepared on the road. 

Telematics and Fleet Technology

Fleet management technology and telematics help business owners get real-time info on their fleet’s location, route progress, and vehicle health. This optimized almost all operations including dispatching, routing and material refill. This technology also keeps operators up to date on preventative maintenance scheduling, reducing downtime and unexpected breakdowns. Data analytics can also analyze a fleet’s productivity, fuel consumption and overall performance, giving fleet managers and business owners accurate information for decision making. 

Environmental Sustainability

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability in snow and ice management practices. Snow and ice management companies, and even individual operators, are adopting eco-friendly methods and products to minimize their impact on the environment. This includes things like liquid deicers, that are less harmful to plant life and waterways, using anti-icing techniques to reduce the amount of deicing solution needed and utilizing technology to find the most efficient routes. By incorporating more earth-friendly practices, businesses not only protect the environment but could also attract environmentally conscious clients.

Consider Comfort and Safety

Snow plow operators can take steps to increase comfort while working long hours in challenging conditions. Starting with comfort in the cab, operators can invest in ergonomic seating that provides support during long driving hours. Certain brands have come up with technology that reduces in-cab noises, both from the road and from the truck. Additionally, Monroe Truck Equipment’s line of “mTEC” products include our SmoothRide system, which produces a 50% reduction in max G-Force impact by decreasing shock impact to drivers and passengers for safe and comfortable transport in their medium-duty truck. 

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Weather is getting more extreme, and now more than ever, snow plow operators need to prepare for dangerous situations. Business owners and operators should develop comprehensive emergency response plans to address different scenarios, including severe winter storms and freezing weather. Plans should include how to mobilize resources, when to coordinate with local authorities, what to communicate to clients and employees. Keeping up with regular training and educating will help keep your workforce up-to-date on emergency procedures and help them understand how to use safety gear in case of an emergency. 

Invest in a Strong Partnership

Monroe Truck Equipment is a trusted work truck manufacturer and upfitter who believes in true and trusted partnerships with our customers. We serve commercial customers across the country and work to find solutions for their most pressing needs. If you want to learn more about Snow and Ice Management, visit us at