Think Sustainably: How To Make Your Fleet More Environmentally Friendly

Apr 19, 2023

This weekend is Earth Day, a moment to enjoy nature and consider the ways we can create a healthier and happier environment in our own communities and beyond. While we interact with the world around us a hundred times a day, sometimes we forget that our actions can have a powerful impact. We’re sharing our suggestions on small tweaks you can make that will help make your fleet a little more eco-friendly. 

Consider Material

The great thing about vehicles is that they are full of scrap metal that can be purged and reused at the end of its life, generating an environmentally-friendly cycle that can keep materials in circulation for generations. Certain materials, like aluminum, are not only  lighter (and therefore provide better mileage and an increased payload) but they are infinitely recyclable! As a result, nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. In most industrial markets like automotive and building, recycling rates for aluminum exceed 90%.

Invest in Driver Training

Tweaks in user behavior can make a big difference in maximizing fuel efficiency while en route. Training drivers to pay attention to how often they are idling, staying at a consistent speed while on the highway, accelerating and braking slowly and other small behaviors can make a big impact on fuel conservation, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Consider implementing a “sustainable driving” section onto your onboarding training and have your more experienced team members join as well so your entire fleet can start establishing more earth-friendly driving behaviors. 

Be Proactive About Maintenance 

Not only does proactive maintenance keep your budget in check, it also helps keep your operation more sustainable in the long run. Small repairs like plugging a fluid leak, changing your oil, replacing burnt sparks or wires, getting new air filters and keeping your tires inflated and well maintenanced means your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, keeping your carbon emissions minimized. 

Utilize Your Telematics 

Utilizing your telematics data can help save you money, and in turn help your fleet become a little more environmentally friendly. Using data from your fuel management system will help you understand what vehicles and what routes use the most fuel, and come up with a strategy to lower the fuel consumption. In that same vein, utilizing your ability to check in on your up-to-the-minute GPS will help you identify the best routes, avoid detours or high-traffic areas during travel, therefore minimizing extra idling or travel time, lowering your carbon footprint.

Optimize Your Routes 

Every once in a while, check in on your fleet’s routes to see if there’s a more efficient route to travel. Things like fewer miles or more highway miles than road miles will help slim down your team’s travel time, save money on fuel, and of course help to reduce fuel expenditure. Telematics data can help you a lot here– especially if you have multiple stops or back-to-back sequential routes. 

Think Green When You Re Invest

If your fleet is growing, or it’s time to retire some vehicles, it’s the perfect time to invest in more sustainable options for your vehicle. Choices like the material, engine and even the color of your truck can make an impact on the environment. Now is also a good time to consider investing in vehicles that use alternative fuels. You don’t need to replace your entire fleet at once of course. Over time, as you retire vehicles, you can slowly build up a hybrid or alternative fuel fleet. 

Invest in the Best

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