Finding Solutions to our Customer’s Challenges

Mar 22, 2023

Our Kernersville team recently completed a unique build for our customers at Martin Marietta. Martin Marietta is located in Raleigh and supplies building materials to communities around the world. They ship materials like aggregates, cement, ready mixed concrete and asphalt, so they need truck equipment that will properly haul and move heavy materials.

The Martin Marietta team came to us looking to install crane bodies on two Ram 5500s. These builds are intricate – you can see how many facets go into the truck including storage trays, compartments, power systems and of course the crane itself. 

“We enjoy the challenges that crane bodies bring,” said Peter Heerschap and his commercial team. One of the biggest challenges faced in installing crane bodies is the wiring and accessory fitment, which is making sure everything fits well and looks nice and neat. 

They were equipped with custom MM225 crane bodies, including 6,000 lb Venco Cranes and VANAIR Arc N Air 300 all-in-one power systems with hose reels. These new builds will help their southern team members safely transport materials for their many customers.

Everything works perfectly and looks fantastic– another incredible build from our Kernersville team!