How To Choose a High Value Quad Axle Dump Truck

Mar 29, 2021

Contractors and construction professionals face particular challenges when it comes to investing in a work truck. When you have a growing business or are looking to expand your services, it becomes difficult to understand what choices to make to best suit your work and future projects. For decades, the Monroe Truck Equipment team has helped construction professionals who focus on heavy-duty projects find the right Quad Axle Dump truck to meet their needs, and keep them safe. 

Who Should Consider Investing in Quad Axle Dump Trucks?

Quad Axle dump trucks play a particular role in the world of dump trucks, and are often reserved for the industries and projects that require the moving and dumping of heavier, or more material day-to-day than the average contractor.

We have worked with end-users who are truck haulers, road builders, and those who work in quarries, who are all responsible for hauling tons of materials every day. Quad Axle Dump Trucks are also a great choice for those who work in industries with underground applications, like underground construction and plumbing, as there is often increased amounts of dirt, rubble, and debris that needs to be hauled away. 

Common Industry Challenges

Because these trucks are used for extreme and heavy-duty projects, drivers require an elevated amount of payload, durability, and reliability. The safer, faster, and easier they can haul large amounts of material, the more projects they can take on and the more they can be paid, as many of these jobs are paid by either weight or hours. 

Due to the nature of the job, these trucks need to withstand a lot of abuse from heavy and abrasive materials like rocks, sand, concrete and other demolition and earth debris. While driving, the trucks need to keep the materials secure while driving over rocky terrain and uneven roadways. 

Some users load heavy-duty equipment like excavators, and have materials like concrete slabs dropped into the back. Owners need complete confidence that they will not break down, over the short term or long term. Each day they need to take off for repairs costs them money, so they want to choose something that they can rely on for years. 

The Monroe Difference 

Monroe Truck Equipment is known for our reliable and durable trucks and truck equipment. We only work with other manufacturers who we trust as much as we trust our own team and products. Monroe Truck Equipment proudly sells Crysteel as our highest recommended Quad Axle Dump Truck. 

This option is more reliable, durable than less expensive alternatives, and that’s because customers in this industry need to invest in a truck that is reliable and strong for such extreme applications. When considering long-term ROI, our Crysteel becomes a clear choice because it offers unmatched long-term value. 

Our customers rely on the confidence that they will get the job done, year after year without major upkeep or maintenance. Our Crysteel is worth the investment because of its longevity and the reduction of maintenance and ability to withstand the rough working conditions.


Monroe Truck Equipment has a wealth of customization options, so that customers can get exactly the features they need so they can do their job more effectively. Many competitors only offer a few stock bodies.

Best in Customer Support 

Monroe Truck Equipment’s sales team offers the best customer support and insight. We work with dealers and end-users to discuss products, customizations, and other options to ensure our customers are getting the right product, that’s not over-specified, that will help them excel in their position. 

Get In Touch Today 

The Monroe Truck Equipment team has spent decades helping commercial contractors choose the truck and equipment they need to safely and efficiently do their job and grow their business. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make sound truck investments, reach out to our team today.