Increase Your Visibility: Where to Add Additional Lighting On Your Work Truck

Oct 25, 2022

Truck lighting is an important way to ensure the safety of your truck, other drivers, and of course your own personal safety. In addition to basic headlights, taillights and interior lighting, your upfitter can add supplemental lighting to keep you safe and visible, especially for those who work in the evenings or during times of decreased visibility. 

Lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to stay safe on the road and make your job easier on the work site . Below we outline different types of optional safety lighting, and when you should consider adding them to your existing work truck. 

Roof Mounting

Depending on the size of your work truck, you may already be required to have roof mounted lights. Even if your truck is smaller than the required size, there are a lot of benefits of having additional lighting on your roof.  RCT00132-20201104-Large

The purpose of these roof mounted “clearance lights” is to warn other drivers that a wide (wider than 80”) truck is on the road and coming toward them. The lights indicate to other drivers to pay extra attention to how much space they are allowing on either side of their vehicle.

In addition to warning other drivers, these lights increase visibility for drivers who are loading materials onto a dock or entering a confined space like a garage or tunnel. 

Bed Lighting

Bed lighting is a great way to work easily and efficiently no matter what time of the day you’re working. Perhaps your truck bed is upfitted with several different tool boxes, storage containers, equipment and more. Or, perhaps, you just need to keep your truck bed visible for easy loading and unloading. Whatever your situation, bed lighting can be a great addition to your truck to increase visibility and make your job easier. 

Compartment Lighting

Speaking of storage compartments, if you’re a contractor that uses and stores a lot of small equipment, consider adding compartment lighting to your work truck. This lighting can reduce your eye strain and help you quickly grab or store your equipment and tools. Lights can be installed in each compartment, or around a group of compartments to illuminate several spaces at once.

Bumper and Ball Mount

Lighting at the back of your truck serves several purposes. If you have a work trailer and tow equipment, it can help illuminate your space as you hook up or unhook your trailer. Additionally if you are frequently getting into and out of your truck bed, it can help to illuminate your steps to ensure you are safely stepping up or out. 

External Lighting

RCT00140-20201104-LargeIf you work in construction, you know the importance of strong external (scene) lighting. This type of lighting is often designed to be flexible, so lights can be placed wherever you need them the most. In winter months when the day ends earlier and earlier, external scene lighting can keep you working safely into the evening.

Warning Lights

Warning lights, sometimes called emergency lights, help keep you and your crew safe when working in a public environment. These lights have to warn the public of your presence so drivers can slow to appropriate speeds before reaching workers. If you don’t work in secured work sites and instead work on roadways or highways, the extra illumination can quite literally be life saving.

Backed By A Powerful Partnership

Our customer’s safety is always top of mind. There are so many ways to increase your visibility and safety by incorporating additional lighting into your work truck. We believe in not only providing the right products but the right partnership that leads to long-term success. If you want to learn more about truck lighting, or other options for your work truck, please reach out to our team today.