Monroe Truck Equipment Updates Service Body for Service Technicians

Jul 22, 2021

Contractors of all sorts, but especially Service Technicians, need trucks with upfit options that help organize all their tools and equipment, offering easy access to anything they may need. Service Technicians are responsible for such a large variety of different types of repairs, that they need to be able to respond to any project at any time by quickly and easily accessing their tools.

The experts at Monroe Truck Equipment have put together a guide on what considerations Service Technicians should make when investing in a new truck to make their job easier and ensure long-term ROI. The Monroe Truck Equipment Service Body is designed to allow workers to easily get the job done while protecting their vehicle investment.

Safety First

MSSII-body-image-300x180One of the first and most important considerations to make when investing in a new service body truck is what optionsare available to ensure the long term safety of you, your belongings and your vehicle.

Driver Safety

With such a rigorous job, Service Technicians need to ensure that they upfit their truck with options that protect their long-term safety and comfort.

The Monroe Truck Equipment’s Service Body has a nitrogen gas strut door holder for storage doors and hinged panels. This helps users easily raise panels and keep them open without assistance. Most importantly, it prevents fingers and hands from being slammed in doors or hinges when closing.


The StepMate system features a pooched bumper system that helps boots grip the step while getting in and prevent slippage. Additionally, this grabs dirt and debris instead of transferring it to your truck bed.
Finally, the Monroe Service Body features a grab handle, 3 point contact lift, rear camera lens, and half-inch plate to ensure easy and safe movement when getting in and out of the truck bed.

Over time, drivers rely more on ergonomic features to help decrease pain, tension, and repetition that can lead to discomfort and sometimes health issues. It’s a durable step and bumper that will last just as long as your truck will, and helps Service Technicians move safer, get into their trucks faster, and work with ease.

“With so much equipment needed for the job, at any given moment a service truck can have thousands of dollars worth of tools inside. Security and the safety of your equipment is a top priority.”


Secure Storage

With so much equipment needed for the job, at any given moment a service truck can have thousands of dollars worth of tools inside. Security and the safety of your equipment is a top priority. Taking the extra step to invest in features like bolt-on master locking or remote-locking capabilities.

To protect your equipment when driving, the use of shelves, containers, pegboards, and magnetized strips can ensure minimal movement when driving and help keep your tools safely in place.


Truck Safety

There are a lot of upfitting options available to keep your truck in top shape and accident-free.
Here are a few options to consider to maintain the integrity of your Monroe Service
Body and keep it safe:

  • Bumper Lights | Reduce risk of leaks and protects hauled materials
  • Separate bumper | Helps reduce risk of damage to truck body
  • Wind deflector | Minimizes wind resistance to reduce your fuel mileage
  • Back-up camera and alarm
  • Reduce injury to people and damage to your truck and equipment
  • Extra Visibility helps drivers stay within designated roadways
  • Aluminum rock sliders
  • Keep your truck free from denting
  • Safe extra step for getting in cab
  • Additional set of round LED stop/turn/tail lights in read | Extra visibility and awareness

Accessibility and Organization

After safety, accessibility and organization are top concerns for Service Technicians. Being able to quickly access any tool, know where your equipment is at all times, and keep things tidy and organized is imperative to do your job day in and day out.

An optional overhead ladder rack keeps large equipment up and out of the way. Top packs and shelving with doors and partitions provide dedicated space for your equipment and tools and prevent lots of movement when driving.

Shelves can be made to hold particular items, like vacuum pumps and other bulky equipment, to ensure safety. Storage bins, tool drawers, and part cases allow the driver to find their own organization system and keep the smaller tools safe and organized. Aluminum or steel storage units help protect against wear and tear over time.

Wall liners are used around the interior of the truck to protect the integrity of the interior and reduce noise levels. A variety of flooring options are available and offer slightly different benefits. No matter how you organize, lighting is going to be imperative to ensure safe and quick access to tools and equipment at any time day or night.

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Long Term ROI

Certain choices can really ensure long-term value when investing in your truck. When considering how long your equipment will last, the variety of services you can offer, and the ease of use over time, long-term value can be truly built into your Monroe Service Body.
To learn more about how to get the most value from your investment, contact the Monroe Truck Equipment team.