Monroe Truck Equipment’s TowPRO Series Work Truck

Nov 1, 2021

While all work trucks are utilitarian, there is perhaps none more so than the tow body. Their purpose is simple: safely and reliably transport equipment and materials day in and day out, year after year. Contractors and other labor professionals need to trust that they can safely haul equipment, materials, vehicles and other machinery without the worry of extensive repair or road-side break downs.

However, just because tow bodies perform straightforward tasks, doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in a tow body that makes your work easier, more efficient and more personalized to your specific needs and preferences.

The team at Monroe Truck Equipment has worked with contractors, fleet owners and other professionals who need to rely on the safety and dependability of a strong tow body. While there’s no one answer for any given professional, here is a summary of factors to keep in mind before investing in a T-Series Work Truck:

Increased Payloads

One of the biggest considerations to make when investing in a tow body is the weight of the equipment or material you will be hauling. Monroe Truck Equipment’s aluminum bodies are corrosion resistant and long-lasting while offering increased payloads due to their lightweight.

Grow Your Business 

A lightweight, versatile tow body allows you to invest in a variety of work equipment because it can safely haul equipment and materials of several sizes and weights. Different equipment allows you to expand your service offerings, grow into a new industry and attract new customers.

Standard Options

  • 2.5″ Receiver Hitch 
  • (2) 7-Way RV Trailer Plugs
  • Aluminum with steel understructure
  • LED Stop, Turn, Tail & Backup Lights
  • 30K Gooseneck Hitch

Upfitting Options 

Full Body Skirts with Integrated Toolboxes

Offers ample room for transporting and keeps small tools and equipment safely stowed underneath.

Fold-Down Rails

Fold-down rails helps to secure equipment or other large items that are being transported. They can also be used to protect the truck bed against dents during transportation. Fold-down rails make safe transportation much more simple, and can be stowed away when not in use.

Built to last, our tow series enables you to keep organized, work optimally, and improve your productivity by reducing back and forth trips for tools and parts.

Recessed Stainless Steel Tie Downs

Our stainless steel tie downs are a reliable and sturdy way to secure your equipment or cargo. The recessed feature keeps the rings out of the way while loading, hauling, or unloading cargo. 

B&W Conversion Kit

TowPROs standard with a gooseneck  hitch. Our B&W conversion kit transforms the standard hitch into a B&W turnover ball, allowing you to install a companion fifth-wheel hitch. 


“I’ve done business with Monroe Truck Equipment for over 35 years. I have to say we love the TowPRO Aluminum body. We’ve ordered several of them and the customers love them. The best thing about it is that you’ll never see rust on it, and there’s more payload available because aluminum is lighter than steel.”


-Frank Graf | Fleet Manager of Jerry Seiner Buick/GMC/Isuzu


Other Considerations 


Consider GVWR With Upfits

If you are towing heavy materials regularly, knowing the weight of your materials will help make safe upfitting decisions. When determining the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating you need, add the average weight of the materials and equipment you bring to work every day.

Warranty BODY 2

Warranties help you feel secure in your purchase and protect your investment. A good work truck manufacturer will offer a clear warranty, so you can build your business with confidence.

Partners vs Vendors

Trucks are a huge investment that will be used for years. Therefore, making sure you have a truck that’s upfitted to your needs and specifications is of the utmost importance. Do your best to find a manufacturer and dealership that you can develop a trusted partnership with. While your priorities may shift over time, a reliable manufacturer and upfitting partner will always be valuable when you’re working toward your long term goals.

Long Term ROI

Making wise investments when upfitting your tow body can ensure long term value when investing in your truck. When considering how long your equipment will last, the variety of services you can offer, and the ease of use over time, long term value can be truly built into your truck.

Backed By a Powerful Partnership

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we believe in developing true and trusted partnerships with our customers. We serve commercial dealerships and contractors in communities across the country and work to find solutions for their most pressing needs. We believe in not only providing the right products but the right partnership that leads to long-term success. If you want to learn more about tow bodies, or other work truck options, please reach out to our team today.