Platform Trucks: The Versatile Option You Need In Your Inventory

Sep 15, 2021

As a commercial truck dealer, you get to work with customers who are in a variety of different stages in their business journey. From business owners with teams of 50 to contractors just launching their business, customers rely on you to provide strategic work truck solutions. Multi-functional and resilient work trucks can help you address a number of those challenges while providing solutions that help customers reach their business goals. 

There are certain truck bodies that lend themselves to a wide variety of industries, projects, and work preferences. The platform body is a versatile and adaptable work horse. Keeping these bodies stocked is a smart decision to add to your bottom line – they add value to your lineup and provide opportunities to turn your vehicle inventory quickly. 

The team at Monroe Truck Equipment has worked with dealership partners across the country for over 60 years. Platform bodies are one of the most versatile and adaptable options that we suggest for customers across industries. Here’s why:

Versatile Usage

Platform bodies can be used across nearly every industry, offering an attractive choice for customers who are looking to expand their services, or enter into a new market. They offer immediate capability and long term ROI  for landscaping, demolition, hauling, paving and a variety of other contracting positions. 

Easy Entry in Any Industry 

In addition to being adaptable to just about any task, platform bodies are often one of the most cost effective options available to end users. This is another reason why platform bodies are a good choice for someone breaking into a new industry or expanding their services–they don’t need to invest in an industry specific work truck, and can instead make a safer investment on a more adaptable choice. It’s a low risk-high reward option for customers and dealerships alike.  


Platform bodies are infinitely customizable. In fact, several custom platforms have been developed into standard options at Monroe Truck Equipment. The base of the platform is useful for just about any type of work, and the size, flooring options, side options, liftgate options, underbody and other features can be customized to fit the preferences of the customers and the type of work they do.

Monroe Truck Equipment can quickly help dealers stock their lot with the most common and beneficial platform options, giving customers a customized build with immediate pay off. 

Size Options 

From 8 – 26 ft of useable platform space

Flooring Options

  • Aluminum – a durable no-rust option that saves on payload for freight or haulers
  • Wood –  a versatile choice that is both cost effective and durable 
  • Smooth Steel – ideal for when you want to easily access and move products, equipment or debris as well as being able to release the product like a dump truck
  • Steel Tread Plates – keeps products and equipment in place, great for delivery and cargo control

Side Options 

  • Lift out stake racks – great for cargo containment of bulky items and hauling large items without the worry of losing your load
  • Fold down or lift out contractor sides – versatile sides that allow the platform body to haul small loads of dirt, gravel, or mulch much like a dump body 

Other Customizable Options 

  • Tool boxes
  • Liftgate options
    • Rail gate takes place of rear rack
    • Tuck under to be used with loading docks 
  • Hoist options
  • Add salt or sand spreader for year round use

Backed By a Powerful Partnership

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we believe in developing true and trusted partnerships with our customers. We serve commercial dealerships and contractors in communities across the country and work to find solutions for their most pressing needs. We believe in not only providing the right products, but the right partnership that leads to long term success. If you want to learn more about platform bodies, or other work truck options, please reach out to our team today.