Safety at Every Step with Monroe Truck Equipment’s StepMate™

Aug 8, 2022

Monroe Truck Equipment’s StepMate™ is a new ergonomic cargo space entry system on the market. This step bumper, and grab handle system is integrated into the Monroe Service Body line to make accessing the cargo space easier than ever. Over time, the ergonomic features help decrease pain, tension and repetition that can lead to discomfort and sometimes health issues. 

Safe, Ergonomic & Durable

Pooched Grip

The StepMate™ system features a raised (or “pooched”) bumper that helps the user’s boot grip the step while getting in and out of the cargo area and prevent slippage. Additionally, it has the added benefit of shedding excess dirt and debris, preventing it from collecting on the bumper or being transferred to your truck bed. 

Damage Reduction

The bumper is mounted to the chassis frame instead of the service body to reduce collision damage. This provides more durability and strength and in the case of damage to the rear of the vehicle, the space between the bumper and service body protects damage to the service body itself.Monroe-ServicePro-with-StepMate

Comfort Step

The StepMate™ is one of the lowest steps in the industry–only 23” high. The design of this reduced height allows drivers to easily, and safely, climb in and out of their service body. This is a more ergonomic step for users of all sizes.

Added Assist Handles

Without a clear place on the body to grip, users tend to grab a hinge or the smooth cab body, which can result in serious injury. The StepMate system integrates an ingress grab handle on each side of the model to make it easy for users to get in and out of the truck. The three-point system ensures movement is smooth and safe. 

Equipment Accommodations 

The StepMate™ features a recessed trailer plug mounted into the faceplate for easy access.

Powder Coated

The black powder coat finish creates a protective barrier that minimizes rust, chipping and scratching of the bumper. 

Key Features

  • Lowered step and handle system improves ease of entry and exit
  • Recessed LED lighting system increases visibility
  • Pooched bumper reduces slippage and dirt transfer 
  • Bumper mounted to chassis frame reduces collision damage 
  • Heavy-duty entry step, rated 500 lbs
  • Heavy-duty 12 gauge construction

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes the risk of injury while entering the cargo area Monroe-StepMate-Detail (1)
  • Reduces workman compensation injuries and claims
  • Eliminates employee downtime
  • Improves employee engagement and productivity
  • Reduces accidental damage to the service body 
  • Lower repair costs


Warranties help you feel secure in your purchase and protect your investment. A good work truck manufacturer will offer a clear warranty, so you can build your business with confidence. Monroe Truck Equipment StepMate system is under an industry-leading 6-Year Limited Warranty. 

Partners vs Vendors

Do your best to find a manufacturer and dealership that you can develop a trusted partnership with. While your priorities may shift over time, a reliable manufacturer and upfitting partner will always be valuable when you’re working toward your long term goals.