Southern Coach Goes The Extra Mile To Deliver Special Custom Build

Mar 11, 2022

Sometimes customers come to our team looking to tap into our expertise despite not having a Monroe Truck Equipment build. When the folks at Dale Old Wrecker Service in Chesapeake, Virginia approached our Southern Coach team looking for a fresh paint job. 

Our Southern Coach location does not have painting capabilities, but our Customer Service & Warranty Leader, Ken Brinkman, knew that he had to pull out the stops to make sure Dale was a happy customer. 

About Dale Old Wrecker Service

Dale Old started his company in 1986 while holding a full time position as a mechanic at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. He started with one tow truck and over the years have acquired an impressive fleet of 25 well-equipped trucks. They serve a variety of customers including the police department,, the city of Chesapeake, multiple repair and body facilities, franchise and major dealerships, local auction lots, motor clubs and roadside assistance organizations as well as heavy equipment hauling for rental or construction firms and container hauling.

A Custom Touch

Dale brought our team a Grey 2021 Ford F-450 chassis and wanted the bed, headache rack and bumper painted to match.  Ken Brinkman worked with Dale and his painter to get him exactly what he wanted. This build also included LED cabinet lights and a latchmatic system. 

Customer Focused Service

We were pleased to be able to deliver the service Dale’s team required and ensure he had exactly what he needed and wanted.  Our Customer Service & Warranty Leader, Ken, put in the extra effort it takes to give customers what they want, not what is easy. Thank you Ken and the Southern Coach team!