Supporting Our Customer’s Mission

Dec 14, 2022

A.C McCartney Photos 2Our Monroe, WI team recently finished a build for A.C. McCartney, a family-owned and operated Illinois farm equipment dealership. The A.C. McCartney’s team was looking for a reliable truck build that can organize and store the tools and equipment they need to bring their service on the road and to their customers. Monroe completed a mechanics truck on a Dodge Ram designed to easily move in an agricultural setting in order to do repairs on their customer’s equipment and machinery. 

The vehicle needed to be able to hold their tools, lift heavy equipment, and allow for an option to run air compressed tools out in an open field. The truck build included a heavy duty crane, hydraulic-driven air compressor to run tools, storage cabinet compartments on the body for parts and tool storage, brush guard, running boards, and a rear ladder and steps for added accessibility.


Wayne Henning, the commercial installer in charge of the build, said, “To create a Mechanics Truck for agricultural repairs, my focus was on ensuring that the wiring, the hydraulics, and pressures would function properly in different terrains. I wanted to make sure everything came together right for the customer, and they had a vehicle that could handle all of their needs.”

A.C. McCartney 6

This build was to help support the ACM mission, built on the fundamentals of customer service. Original owner Allen McCartney’s motto was “take care of the customer and you will be successful.” This mindset has contributed to three generations of growth for the ACM team, and we’re proud to play a small role in their mission.